E.U.D. Group a.s.

Registered in the Commercial Register, Section B, Entry 4612
Nová, č.p. 209
691 51  Lanžhot
Czech republic

IČ: 276 81 700

Phone +420 519 325 598-9
+420 519 324 899
Fax +420 519 325 600

Dear Business Partners,

We would like to inform you about a change regarding the address of our company headquarters.

From 16.11.2022, there is a new correspondence and billing address:

E.U.D. Group, a.s.,   

Nová, č.p. 209

691 51  Lanžhot 

Other identification information remain unchanged.

We ask you to register this change and to show the new address on all documents related to our company.

Thank you for understanding and respecting the above change.

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